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It is a bit of a cliche, but I really feel volunteering is a great opportunity to experience something you truly care about and help you give that little bit back. My love for animals might not be as overwhelming as some, but I think you get as you good as you give, plus I might get bored just travelling and not doing anything.

What I’m hoping to find are free volunteer placements, one where I can help out for a few weeks, or months, and donate however much I wish to the sanctuary/refuge centre. I’m not looking to join an all encompassing volunteering trip of a lifetime across deserts or trekking through unexplored parts of a rainforest.Thats why I’ve chosen the following few places;

I’ve been looking into volunteering at Chiang Mai’s dog rescue centre, Care For Dogs and the Thai Animal Sanctuary, – they both seem like great opportunities to work with animals, and most importantly by looking after my favourite pet. (Greg likes cats but he’ll get over that). For both you don’t have to pay anything, you help for a few days each week, and get paid in endless love by the dogs and pups you look after. I’ll be contacting them as soon as I figure out what dates we’ll arrive in Chiang Mai.

I’ve also looked into day visits to a rescue centre, the Wildlife Friends Foundations Thailand, where we can see all the animals and walk, feed and bathe the elephants, for me this sounds like a great opportunity to be among elephants, for one i’m scared of heights so sitting on them would just freak me out..(even if its only a couple of meters above the ground!) secondly riding these animals just doesn’t seem right, they are wild animals! Thirdly you know the animals are going to be well looked after, which makes me feel a lot better.

Raised as domestic kittens, the sisters outgrew their owner

La Senda Verde is an animal refuge in Bolivia, they care for wild animals coming from illegal trafficking.  They provide opportunities of adventure and eco-tourism, and their aim, to help us discover an appreciation of wilderness and wild animals in an experience that may change our lives. With that in mind, why wouldn’t you want to volunteer here? Unfortunately this one isn’t free, but with the accommodation and meals accounted for in the price, it definitely seems worthwhile.

The Ecuador Livestock Animal Welfare group, as I’m currently working within the food industry I already understand how important it is to care for our livestock before they become the food on your plate. Being an animal lover, some may think this is a strange option, but how many people who love animals are vegans?

There are several other volunteer opportunities that I will consider but these are the main ones I am likely to embark on during our trip. If you have further information on the places listed above, please contact me as I would love to hear from you.

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