Why We’re Looking Forward To Mexico

We try not to spend too much time daydreaming about places we haven’t visited yet but Mexico is an exception.

It’s somewhere we’ve both wanted to visit for years, because it just seems to have everything you could ever want in a holiday destination. Here’s what we’re most looking forward to.

The Food

We absolutely adore Mexican food, or at least the versions we’re subjected to, which by all accounts are not always particularly authentic.

The real food sounds even better! We can’t wait for delicious tacos, tostadas, tortas, quesadillas, carnitas and tamales to name but a few. And those are just the ones we have heard of!

Our waistlines may not thank us but I think we’re going to be very well fed in Mexico.

The Yucatán Peninsular


In the southeast of Mexico, the Yucatán peninsular looks like it has it all – ancient temples, natural beauty and amazing nightlife.

Anything you read about Mexico is guaranteed to have one iconic image – the Chichen Itza UNESCO world heritage site, specifically Kukulcán Pyramid, or ‘El Castillo’.

It is without a doubt one of the wonders of the world, and we’re excited to see it. As a bonus, it’s accessible in a day trip from Cancun or Playa Del Carmen!

We also plan to see the beautiful capital of the state, Mérida, the archaeological site of Tulum and perhaps the island of Cozumel.

As much as we love culture, we are also looking forward to sampling some of the famous nightlife in Playa Del Carmen and Cancun.

Mexico City

We like nothing more than a crazy, busy, bustling city and Mexico City looks like it will fit the bill.

We’re looking forward to seeing sights such as Plaza de la Constitución and the admittedly touristy but fun looking Plaza Garibaldi with the famous Mariachi bands.

The National Museum of Anthropology, apparently one of the worlds great museums, also looks like a highlight.

And then there is the street food..



Squeaky white sand and turquoise blue water – that is the picture postcard version of a beach, but having travelled for a while now you’d be surprised how few beaches live up to this idyllic image.

However, Mexico, especially the Caribbean coast, has more than it’s fair share. After a Christmas up in snowy Montana, we’re looking forward to relaxing, snorkelling and topping up our tans!

Speaking Spanish

While we admit presently this is a bit terrifying, we’re planning to become far more competent in Spanish over the coming months.

You can of course get by in Mexico in English, but we want to blend in with the locals a bit, and forcing ourselves to speak it will hopefully improve our skills even further. As we’re planning to move further into Central America afterwards, this can only be a good thing!

Mexico definitely has something for everyone, and companies such as First Choice can get you there. Where else can you explore ancient ruins, lie on a beautiful beach and eat tasty tacos all in a single day? Mexico has it all, and perhaps now it’s clear why we’re so excited to visit this incredible country.

All images by First Choice

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