Who, Where, When and Why? An Introduction

Welcome! For our first post, we’re going to introduce ourselves and our trip…

“Who are you?”

We are a twenty something couple from the UK, I’m Katy and he’s Greg – for more details see here

“What are you going to do while you’re out there?”

Lay on beaches, explore temples, eat tasty street food, party all night long, save the animals, and everything in between!

“When are you going and how long for?”

We’ll be leaving in early 2014. As for how long – forever! We hope…or at least until we run out of cash.

“Where are you going?”¬†

Russia via the Trans-Siberian railway, China, Southeast Asia, India, New Zealand, Central and South America, for more details see here

“Why do you want to travel?”

We want to make the most out of our lives, to enjoy the world, the sights, sounds, smells, tastes of each and every country we visit. In essence, we want to fulfil our dream adventure!

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