The scariest part is done

So what is the scariest part? Booking? Packing? Fear of the unknown? Nope. Its quitting my job.

For months I’ve worried about it, put it off, put it off again, and wondered how I was ever going to bring it up. I doubt I’m alone in this, it’s always an awkward thing to do at the best of times, unless you hate your job and the moment can’t come soon enough I guess! I however, love my job, so it is a genuinely difficult thing to leave voluntarily. I keep having moments where I think I’m a total idiot – who goes and quits a job they enjoy? But I have to keep telling myself this is what I want, if I don’t do it now I’ll just get more and more unhappy at not travelling.

This went on for a few weeks, and Katy was starting to get annoyed with my procrastination. Which isn’t unusual, I procrastinate a lot. Anyway one evening I decided enough was enough and emailed my boss asking for a ‘chat’.

Later that week I did the deed – and to my amazement it went really well! Obviously no boss wants to hear that an employee is leaving but mine took it really well, and incredibly offered to keep my job open, if they can find someone to cover for 18 months! It literally couldn’t have gone any better!

Afterwards the sense of relief was amazing – I’d done it, and there was no turning back (without looking like an idiot).

As I write this, my job is on the market, and everyone at work now knows I’m leaving in less than 3 months. They have all been really interested in where I’m going and what my plans are, which is surprising, and I never get bored of talking about travelling. Some have even done amazing trips themselves, which makes me remember that we aren’t strange or unusual for wanting to do this. It’s the right thing to do, and the right time to do it.


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