The Countdown Continues

So it’s just over 3 weeks until we leave, and time is both flying by but also dragging. Flying by in terms of how much we still have to sort out and how quick the days are disappearing but dragging because the leaving date still seems to be in the distant future, even though it will be here soon enough.

Christmas is well and truly over now, and it was both fun and productive. We got to spend time with both our families, received lots of useful presents for our trip, and we also all but moved out of our flat. We took advantage of the fact we were both going home and hired a van to move most of our possessions to our parents. Not that there is a lot left, a couple of boxes of stuff and some clothes is all we’re keeping, which feels good – it’s been a relief to declutter so much and I’m happy that we’re not leaving our families to cope with too much junk!

In terms of gifts, we received so many useful things our kit lists are almost complete. Katy received an amazing leaving present from her work – a GoPro Hero3 camera! An unexpected but very exciting addition to our packing list – we’ve spent most of Christmas playing with it and getting excited about all the amazing films and photos we can take with it.
I got my main footwear for the trip – some Timberlands – from Katy which I am busy wearing in, and an awesome Montane Prism jacket to keep the cold out in Russia. I also got useful things like a travel towel, new beard trimmer and packing cubes. Katy got her Nexus 7 which makes our tech kit almost complete.


My boots which are SO comfy – thanks Katy!

All of our train and plane tickets up until Vietnam are now booked, with the exception of a train to and from St Petersburg when we are in Moscow. Visas should be back with us on New Year’s Eve or shortly after being without our passports for nearly a month while 4 visas were processed. There is a lot of accommodation still to book for the European leg but that will be done soon.

Work wise, Katy has finished and I have only a few days left at the start of January. After that we will both be moving home to spend our last few weeks with family and friends, and I’ll be celebrating my 30th birthday only 4 days before we leave!

All in all we are feeling very prepared now and extremely excited! Roll on January 22nd!

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