The Temples Of Angkor

Our first stop in Cambodia was Siem Reap where we did the obligatory day of temple exploring.

There isn’t much that can be said about Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples that hasn’t already been said, they are one of Asia’s most visited tourist attractions and with good reason.

We did a one day mini circuit as we didn’t have much desire to be in Siem Reap longer. We didn’t dislike it, just didn’t love it either. I would recommend the 3 day pass though as you cannot spend 8 hours a day at the temples – the sun is relentless and it becomes exhausting. 3 days would make it a far more relaxed experience.

They are absolutely stunning and a must see – if you haven’t been before and you visit Cambodia without coming to Angkor, you are missing out.

Pictures speak a lot louder than words, so here are some photos. However even photos (especially our mediocre ones!) don’t really do the place justice, they have to be seen.

Temple3 Temple4







The second most famous temple after Angkor Wat is Bayon. We liked this one a lot, actually preferring it to the main attraction.


And then it was time for the big one. I will admit Angkor Wat does look magnificant from the outside, and even better depending on the weather (both times I’ve been I’ve wanted to do a sunrise there but never managed it) but once inside, although nice, it isn’t remarkable.


Inside Angkor Wat

Inside Angkor Wat


Where We Stayed

For our 3 nights in Siem Reap we stayed at Mandalay Inn, a Burmese run hotel. Without being spectacular, it was a decent room with everything you need for $16 a night, and only 5 minutes walk to pub street and all the restaurants.


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