Our big ‘To-Do’ List

It’s time for a long overdue update. There will be plenty more over the coming days/weeks as we start to firm up our plans a bit and concentrate less on work and more on travel!

Here is our ‘To-Do’ list for the next few months. So everyone can see what planning is involved, what we still need to do, and how far we are from being ready!

New Kit

  • New camera – Nikon P520 Bridge Camera – done!
  • Daypacks for both of us
  • Walking shoes for both of us
  • Packing Cubes
  • Travel Towels
  • Protective Macbook cover
  • External Hard Drive
  • Beard Trimmer (for me!)
  • Sleeping bag liners (silk)
  • Warm coat (for me, Katy now has one)

Tasks before we go

  • Hand notice in (both of us)
  • Book appointment at travel clinic to get up to date on jabs
  • Get new passport (Katy) – has been applied for
  • Look into travel insurance costs
  • Declutter and get rid of the vast majority of our possessions – in progress!



  • Book Eurostar to Paris (goes on sale late September)
  • Book European trains (probably do this in October/November)
  • Book Trans Siberian tickets (can’t do until 45 days before! But will contact Real Russia long before this)
  • Arrange Visas for Belarus, Russia, Mongolia, China and Vietnam. First 3 will be done through RealRussia, China one not sure, Vietnam through embassy.
  • Book accommodation for France, Germany and Russia.

Ok this doesn’t look as big as I imagined, but I’m sure we will be adding to it, and there is still a lot here!


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