The Mystical Island of Siquijor

We had arrived at this incredible island to fulfil our beach break needs.

I had read about Siquijor in Lonely Planet and online. The island itself is supposed to be enchanted with witch doctors and an abundance of fireflies, although we saw neither. But everyone seemed to think this was a safe bet when it came to beach paradise. It also had some awesome waterfalls and was a retreat away from the cities we had been to in the Philippines.

We spent a total of 6 days there and could have stayed for so many more. We arrived at a fairly deserted port, where we knew we had to find a tricycle, which were in abundance, we were offered a lift to take us around several hotels for the total price of 250 pesos, around £3.50.

The first place he took us was stunning, with only a few modern beach bungalows, a stones throw from the nearest town, San Juan. It was 1400 pesos for a fan room, which we managed to get down to 1200 per night (around £16) for a longer stay. We wanted to see what the other places were like before we settled so he took us next door. This place was a lot bigger, nice bungalows but slightly older looking, it was 1000 a night. But I was already smitten with the first place, it was my kind of perfect, and was completely empty.

Sunset from our resort

Sunset from our resort

Beautiful beach at our resort

Beautiful beach at our resort

We rented a bike for the first 2 days, we needed to get to the main town Lorena to withdraw money from the only ATM, so we spent the day cruising round the island taking in the scenery, and picking up lots of sweet bakery goods, popular in the Philippines.

On the second we explored a bit farther, going to 2 waterfalls, the first near a town called Lazi. It was a small trek down steep steps through jungle to get to it and what were we faced with? Pristine cloudy blue waters, ideal for swimming and a depth you could jump down into. Many visitors swung in from a rope hung on a tree. It looked pretty cool. There were a couple of levels of the waterfall you could swim in, and everyone was in them.



The next waterfall was hidden away into the island behind San Juan. The trek through jungle seemed a bit riskier, and we had to pay a small fee, but the waterfall was amazing, just as cloudy blue as the last. It was a much steeper drop into the pool, so the waterfall looked huge in comparison, but this one only had one level. When we arrived we saw no other people,it was like a private lagoon all to ourselves.


Most of our days here were spent relaxing on the beach, which was stunning and deserted but the sea wasn’t the best for swimming – full of sinking sand and sea urchins. It also drew out very far at low tide leaving behind a carpet of seaweed.


Every day the staff would pick a young coconut for us and slash it open, giving us a tasty afternoon refreshment.


We spent one morning kayaking, once we rowed out a bit, the sea was so clear, but hardly any coral reef around meant no fish. Although we saw many starfish on the seabed through the water!


Siquijor was our paradise.

Where We Stayed

We stayed at White Villas, a resort our trike driver recommended. And we are glad he did, because it was perfect and made our trip worth it. The room is pretty big and although fairly basic, no fridge or a/c, was virtually brand new. The huge bed was relaxing and comfortable. WiFi was non existent but who needs it in paradise?



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