Greg’s Packing List

With less than a week to go I thought it was high time I actually started attempting to pack. And I’m very glad I did, as quite a lot of rearranging and tough decisions on things to leave out were in order.

However after all that, here is my (nearly) final packing list. There are a few extra things to go in, plus obviously I will be wearing a set of clothes, but this is more or less it.

Main Backpack – Berghaus Verden 65 + 10l

This is a large bag, and I’ve seen lots of advice to not get one this big, but without wanting to sound like a girl, I would struggle with anythign smaller! Plus i’m a tall guy so why not?

Packed weight currently comes to around 8/9kg which seems suspiciously light!

Here is everything I am taking in this bag:



Those contents listed:

7x T-Shirts
1x Hoodie
1x Montane Prism Jacket (folded in the orange bag)
2x shorts
1x Shirt (may add another one)
1x Jumper
1x Polo Shirt
1x Chinos (not shown)
1x Pyjama shorts
7x Boxers
4x Trainer socks
4x Normal socks
2x Thermal socks
2x Pairs of Long Johns (for Russia!)
1x Hat (have another one which is at Katy’s)
1x Travel Towel
1x Silk sleeping liner
1x Onitsuka Tiger trainers
1x Flip flops
1x Montane Prism gloves (in the tiny drawstring bag!)
1x Washbag with the usual stuff in it
3x boxes of Malaria tablets
1x Pacsafe portable safe
1x Beard trimmer

Misc stuff: Spare glasses, sunglasses, padlocks, door lock, travel adapter, door lock, notepad, penknife, portable speaker, spork, duct tape, clothes line, bag of plasters and pills, and mosquito plugin repellent.

Here’s what it looks like in bags and packing cubes:



Daybag – Berghaus Remote 20

I’m trying to keep this one down to a minimum as I want it with me most of the time. Obviously I won’t take things like the laptop out, that will be safely locked away somewhere! It is still surprisingly heavy, about 6kg I think.


Contents of this one:

Camera in bag
Bag of cables
Little box of tools and bits & pieces
EasyAcc USB battery pack
Holder for important documents
Water bottle
Collapsible cup
Trans Siberian Book (may take one or two other small books )

And here are both bags packed and ready to go!


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