Our Costs for Paris, Germany & Poland

As we prepare to leave Poland, here is an overview of what we have spent so far in Paris/Germany and Poland. I seperated the trips like this purely because of the different currencies.

One thing to note – almost all of our long distance trains were booked and paid for before we left the UK. So transport costs are very low. At a later date I will add these in and work out our costs including them.


Accomodation: £197.50
Eating Out: £198.03
Transport: £116.32
Drinking: £29.39
Groceries: £36.10
Attractions: £54.54
Miscellaneous: £67.61

Total Spent: £699.50
Per Day: £77.72

We always knew this was going to be one of the most expensive portions of our trip, and it could have been even more had Katy’s aunt not kindly put us up for 2 nights and fed us!

We probably ate out a bit too much in Paris as well, but it was worth it!

Miscellaneous in this case mostly covers Katy’s shoes – her boots were leaking so she bought some walking shoes. However since then we have only encountered snow and no rain! The walking shoes will come in useful later on though.


Accommodation: £86.94
Eating Out: £126.70
Transport: £5.80 (!)
Drinking: £23.92
Groceries: £31.16
Miscellaneous: £16.43
Attractions: £9.28

Total: £300.23
Per Day: £42.89

I expected the costs to be lower in Poland but not this low. The country is such good value. We’ve eaten out almost every night, at decent local restaurants, and I’ve enjoyed plenty of beers.

Hostels are stupidly cheap, and we’ve only bought public transport tickets for a single day in Warsaw as Poznan was so walkable.

Overall though, we have overspent in these first 2 and a bit weeks. It should get a lot better though. Russia isn’t going to be dirt cheap but we should be able to survive on less than the Paris/Germany budget, and then China should be a relief on our wallets!

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