Meow! The Cat Cafes Of Chiang Mai

When reading about Chiang Mai before we arrived, I was excited to discover it had a cat cafe. When we arrived the news was even better – there was actually 2!

What Is A Cat Cafe?

First thing first, it is not a cafe where you eat cats! Believe it or not I’ve been asked this several times on Facebook. It is simply a normal cafe with coffee and cakes, which are usually a bit more expensive to pay for the upkeep of the cats.

You sit and drink your coffee, and at the same time play with or stroke some cats! What could be better?


This is the one I had found before we arrived. It wasn’t too far from our apartment but a bit of a trek – it’s near the trendy Nimmen neighbourhood but across the busy canal road and in a quiet area.

We knew when we had found it by the distinctive mural outside..


Upon entering we were given a menu with plenty of food and drink options and we took our seats in the large cafe area. There were plenty of cats around but most were either running about, sleeping or play fighting.


The cats here (at least at the time we visited) were more than happy to be left to their own devices and wern’t bothered about people being there, although we did still get to stroke plenty of them and play with a few.


We all had cakes along with our drinks here which were delicious and surprisingly the cats don’t try to leap up to have a bite!

If I fits, I sits

If I fits, I sits

How to find it: Head westbound on Suthep road, past the canal road junction and take the second left. It’s quite a small turning and you will be winding through back streets for a while but eventually the cafe will be on a corner as you emerge onto another road. It isn’t the easiest to find, just look out for the logo of a cat with a top hat and moustache!


This was the one we only heard about while we were in Chiang Mai, as it had only just opened. It is billed as ‘the world’s first space themed cat cafe’ and I imagine that is probably true as it is quite niche!


It was a little closer to our apartment than Maewmoth but still a way away from the old city so you do need transport there. Outside there is a sink to wash your hands, a shoe rack for your shoes and some slippers to wear.

Inside is fairly small with around 8 tables and soft seating on the floor. The walls are decorated with murals of cats in space (of course)

At first there was a problem – no cats! But it soon transpired some were sleeping on a network of hideaways on the wall, and some were under a table which we moved to when some other customers left. Then it was like cat Christmas – the staff kept bringing more cats out! Presumably they had been resting in another room.


The cats here were a lot younger than Maewmoth in general, and more playful as a result. They all have space themed names (Buzz, Apollo etc) and some have some very cute clothes on!

This was our favourite

This was our favourite

We spent ages playing with the cats here and had a great time. The coffee is very good too!


How to find it: Head up Huay Kuaw Road, past the superhighway and canal road junctions, then 200m or so later you will see some complexes of businesses set away from the main road. Catmosphere is in the second one, with only a small sign so it’s hard to see from the road!

Which Is Best?

To be honest, both cafe’s were great fun. Catmosphere had more playful cats but it could have just been down to when we visited. It also had nicer seating but was smaller than Maewmoth, where the cats seemed a bit less interested in people but were fun to watch.


So you should definitely try both out if you are a cat lover and have some time in Chiang Mai – you won’t regret it!


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