Budget Update – Month 12 – January 2015

We started January in America and ended it in Belize. But for the majority of the month we were exploring Mexico. Here’s what it cost us.

Countries Visited

United States


Accommodation – £642.58
Eating Out – £377.64
Groceries – £135.63
Attractions – £66.21
Transport – £603.59
Misc – £8.43
Alcohol – £12.91
Petrol – £4.80
Coffee/Drinks/Snacks – £36.83
Shopping – £22.54
Laundry – £11.31

Subtotal – £1922.47

Flight from Billings, MT – Mexico City – £376.20

Total – £2,298.67
Per Day – £74.15

Still laughably over budget, though better than December. So the flight to Mexico accounted for a bit but what else? Well as you can see our transportation budget was massive in January – this is because we took an internal flight in Mexico and used a lot of buses which added up fast. I’ll go over this in more detail when we publish our Mexico summary but essentially it’s not the cheapest country to get around!

We’re really disappointed with this month though, if we had planned things better it could have been a lot cheaper.

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