Budget Update – Month 11 – December 2014

December was a weird month. We started it in Japan, then flew to the US on the 4th where we stayed unti the end of the year. That wasn’t initially the plan, as we were supposed to end it in Mexico, but that’s something for another post…

Countries Visited



Accommodation – £514.93
Eating Out – 352.87
Groceries – £116.90
Attractions – £193.18
Transport – £393.46
Misc – £17.48
Alcohol – £45.20
Petrol – £75.75
Coffee/Drinks/Snacks – £26.70
Shopping – £178.15
Laundry – £7.34

Subtotal – £1948.96

Flight from Tokyo – LA – £828 (!)

Total – £2776.96
Per Day – £89.57

Yes, December killed us financially, probably our most expensive month to date by far. But there was no getting away from the fact that Asia to America was always going to be very expensive, and then following that with some of the most expensive cities in the US (LA, San Francisco and Las Vegas) didn’t exactly help.

Our last 2 weeks were extremely cheap thanks to us staying in Montana, where Katy’s dad lives. Free accommodation and only occasional meal costs helped us a LOT, as well as being an awesome way to spend Christmas!

As most of the cost is from the US, we’ll go into more detail when we get around to publishing posts from that trip.

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